About association “Prostor”

The association “Prostor” has been working with psychiatric care users since 2009. “Prostor” is organizing a range of activities aimed to improve the status of people with mental health difficulties.

It is highlighted in Mental Health Protection Development Strategy (Strategija razvoja zaštite mentalnog zdravlja, Sl. glasnik RS, br.8/2007) that every fourth person will, at some point in their life, have mental health difficulties. Therefore, the prevention of mental disorders and mental health enhancement are of crucial importance in every community.


Mina Aleksić

Graduated art in Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy, has two years of training in body psychotherapy, and holds a master’s degree in art therapy from SIPEA association in Rome. Within “Prostor’s” activities she is practicing various methods of art therapy in the sense of social action, committing herself and her work to the improvement of life quality and status of psychiatric care users.

Marija Kućan

Graduated in College for visual and applied arts and in Faculty of applied arts in Belgrade. Within “Prostor” she arranges art programs and economic strengthening programs for psychiatric care users.

Bogdanka Čabak

Prim. Dr. med. Bogdanka Čabak graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Organized and led art workshops at the Home for Permanent Accommodation of Persons with Disabilities and at the Institute for Mental Health. He has been working in the association Prostor since 2020.

Jasmina Bogdanović

Social worker

Milica Milović

Dedicated senior student in Psychology, demonstrates academic knowledge in all
psychology fields. Volunteer in "Prostor" since 2023. The main role as a volunteer in our organization is to improve social contacts and social inclusion for members of the organization throught continued volunteer support. She is facilitator at life skills workshops. In addition, participates in the organization of public events, sales fairs and exhibitions. Recently, worked within peer support, which includes giving emotional support and assistance to individuals who are dealing with mental health issues or some kind of difficult life situations.

Anđela Jovanovic

Nastasja Stankovic

Final year student of Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Since 2023, she has been actively volunteering in the association Prostor. Recently, she is a peer educator in the field of mental health. Participates in the planning and implementation of cooking workshops, life skills development and leisure activities with users.

Maja Glušica

Irena Stojadinovic

M.A. in Psychology, PhD candidate at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, and Body Psychotherapist under supervision. Employed at the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade as Research Assistant, and at the organization PIN (Psychosocial Innovation Network) as Program Coordinator. Her primary professional focus is on mental health, development of community-based services and human rights protection. She is a member of the Expert Group for Psychosocial Approach at the international organization “Mental Health Europe”. At Prostor, she is engaged as a collaborator for the development of psychosocial support programs, advocacy, and empowerment of users through peer support groups and recovery-oriented support.

Savo Vujičić

Ana Cukuc


Ivana Đurđević

Vladimir Milanović

Dejana Vranješ (1977)

Graduated in 2004 in Faculty of visual arts, section: graphics, in Belgrade. Since 2003 she has been a member of “Independent Alternative Workshop” (Nezavisne Alternativne radionice – NAR). She is also one of the founders of “Fuckthemall” (2013). Within “Prostor” she is organizing workshops in applied arts for psychiatric care users.

Milorad Mladenović (1966)

Graduated in Faculty of visual arts and Faculty of architecture, where he currently works as an associate professor. He held many independent exhibitions and workshops, and was given a number of awards in the fields of visual arts and architecture. He joined “Prostor” in 2011 as a collaborator within art projects.

Radoš Antonijević (1969)

Acquired his PhD in Faculty of visual arts, section: statuary, in Belgrade, where he works as assistant professor. He had many independent exhibitions and received many awards in the field. He joined “Prostor” in 2011 as a collaborator within art projects.

Ljiljana Šunjevarić

Zoran Dimovski

Dr Ivana Aleksić

Psychiatrist and a psychotherapist, and a supervisor of “Prostor’s” programs.

Katarina Jakovljević

Artist, visual arts pedagogue and professional consultant for “Prostor”.