Users of the Prostor Association have the opportunity to consult with a social worker twice a month, or more often, if necessary.

Counseling with a social worker is a type of service that helps users of psychiatric services overcome various difficulties. The social worker helps users to recognize which services of different systems are specifically applicable to them in accordance with legislative regulations. Users can request information and advice related to the exercise of rights guaranteed by the Law on Social or Health Care, the Family Law and other legal acts. Beneficiaries are most often interested in exercising the right to cash social assistance, exercising the right to someone else’s care and assistance, issues related to exercising the right to disability or family pension, and issues related to the assessment of work ability. In addition to the above, users often face problems arising from family inheritance and property relations.

Informing users also includes practical assistance in the process of exercising rights and cooperation with the institutions through which these rights are exercised. The social worker provides assistance to users in filling out forms for exercising rights, collecting documentation and directs them to specific addresses.

Social work is an activity that aims to improve the social functioning of individuals, groups and communities, through activities aimed at relationships that are established in interaction with the environment. Consequently, the social worker of the Association provides users with compassion, understanding and advice for daily functioning in a family, business or other environment.

Our Association’s belief is that people have a great capacity to improve their own circumstances because they have first-hand knowledge of the situation they are in and what needs to happen to change things for the better. Together with a social worker, users of psychiatric services can look for resources in the right places, so that positive changes happen as soon as possible.

(Jasmina Bogdanović, MA social worker)