In March 2024, trainings were held at the Faculty of Visual Arts, Mediterranean University in Podgorica, Montenegro and at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade.

The goals of the training were:

  1. That the participants understand what a therapeutic relationship in art therapy is and what kind of boundaries and rules are needed for the artistic process to be therapeutic. For attendees to gain insight into what approach can enhance or hinder art therapy experiences within this relationship.
  2. That the participants get an overview and personal experience of the therapeutic aspects of creating art, different artistic materials and the creative process based on the theory of the continuum of expressive therapies ETC Vije Bergs Lusebrink (1990).

A total of 50 students participated in the first part of the training, the second part will be organized in the spring of 2025, and in the meantime the students will also attend an online workshop. The students showed a great interest in art therapy and contributed to the successful implementation of the training with their active participation.

Some of the student statements:

„I have never thought about art in this way. I think that art therapy can mean a lot in establishing better communication with oneself“.

„Very useful training, there should be more such trainings within the faculty program“.