Since 2010, the association “Prostor” has been organizing art workshops meant for persons who are being treated in psychiatric clinics. In the beginning the workshops were held within the psychiatric institutions, but thanks to the support from the Municipality of Zvezdara, since 2013 they are being held in the facilities of Local community “Ćirilo i Metodije”. “Prostor’s” aim is to offer high quality activities outside of institutions, within a local community, to persons with mental health difficulties.

In our work we like to use different materials and many various techniques wherewith we encourage personal expression and talent of everyone present.

Art workshops have proved to be a successful means for working with psychiatric care users, and we have noted their statements to portray this:

“This visual art workshop means a lot to me, both because of socializing with pleasant people, and because of pleasure and relaxation during and after the workshops. The pleasure that they bring recharges our batteries and encourages good mood.”

“These workshops mean a lot to me because I can express my inner ‘demons’ overtly through drawings, and because I can share my opinions about art with the moderators of the workshops, and not be criticized for it. And because these workshops encourage diligence and creativity.”

“Our works are great. We are working together. More than we know. We rejoice together. We respect and value our works. It’s a successful work.”

“It’s an expression of your entire self in a relaxed, creative atmosphere. Thus, not only as a therapy for the basic psychiatric illness (dg. schizophrenia 20.5), but also as a method for overall psychosomatic relaxation within the interaction with other human beings, without any connections with the fact of weather those humans have a psychological problem or not.”

“I think that ‘Prostor’ is cool, and that the staff is cool. I am satisfied with the materials too, and I hope that things will stay this way. I’m also making an effort, so it seems to me.”