The voice of us in ether is a radio program that is directed and led by persons with mental health difficulties and organized by association “Prostor” and Radio 202. Through creating a radio show we successfully express ideas and views of the world, we express ourselves creatively and communicate actively with our environment. Radio as a medium provides the opportunity to protect the identity of a person, if he or she wants it, but at the same time to hear his or her voice as equal to the other members of the society.

The voice of us in ether is a part of regional project The voice of craziness in ether (Metanoia, Sarajevo), and its main goal is the inclusion and encouraging equality of persons with mental health difficulties, as well as destigmatization of this marginalized group which is associated with a lot of prejudices. The radio show was developed after the model of Radio la Colifata from Buenos Aires and Radio Nikosia from Barcelona. After Zagreb, Sarajevo and Banja Luka, since July 2014 the show was developed in Belgrade too, and is broadcasted through the frequencies of Radio 202. Members of psychiatric care users’ associations “Duša” and “Videa” are taking part in its creation. So far, many celebrities have supported The voice of us in ether by appearing as guests in the show (Marko Šelić – Marčelo, Zoran Kesić, Darko Kocjan, Danijela Vranješ…)