Within the regional project „SOCIETIES 2“ financed by EU, our project „Together towards community” was supported. The main goal of the project was the improvement of the quality of life of users of psychiatric services through provision of high quality structured program of psychosocial support in the community.

The specific goals of the project were: 1. Improvement of the quality of life of users of psychiatric services through supporting “Creative space for mental health“ and provision of psychosocial support and mental health protection services in the community; 2. Capacity building of Prostor’s team on defining mental health protection service within the social protection system and ensuring conditions for service licensing; 3. Creating the evidence base for “Creative space for mental health“  through researching dominant psychosocial difficulties, effects and experiences; 4. Capacity building of Prostor and the users on overcoming crisis such as Covid19 pandemic; 5. Economic empowerment of users; 6. Raising public awareness about mental health and importance of prevention and psychological support.

Project partners: PIN (Psychosocial Innovation Network) and Association of users pf psychiatric services and their family members “Duša”.

Associates:  Association “Herc”, Users’ association “Videa”, MDRI (Mental Disability Rights Initiative).

The work of our Creative space for mental health was supported throughout this project and the provision of psychosocial support services and community based mental health protection in Belgrade was ensured.

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You can download Evaluation of Program “Creative Space for Mental Health“ and Results of the Study on Experiences of Users of Psychiatric Services here: