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Art therapy

“Prostor” is one of the first associations to practice art therapy in Serbia. The art therapy techniques rely on the fact that every person, whether they have artistic knowledge and affinity or not, possesses latent ability to project their feelings in visual form. When a person expresses his or her inner experiences through visual canal, the verbal canal often starts flowing more easily.

Economic strengthening

Economic strengthening of persons with mental health difficulties is an innovative idea, a new way for our psychiatric care users to, partly at least, solve some of the various problems they encounter, economic and social, and to do so through their own work and in their own community. This way both social benefits and social integration of one vulnerable group are being achieved.

Art workshops

Art workshops are introducing art, enabling people to enjoy it, and to make good use of all kind of powers hidden in art.
The workshops aims to provide participants with essential knowledge for using art actively, by performing, and passively, by consuming art.
something new.

Life skills

Life skills cover a wide array of abilities and knowledge that empower individuals to
navigate the challenges of daily life successfully. In the context of psychosocial rehabilitation, these skills play a crucial role in building independence, self-confidence, and resilience. At the life skills workshops, association users are taught skills such as cooking, cleaning, time and budget management, and personal hygiene.

Hearing voices

Hearing voices is an international network that represents a different approach to working with people who have unusual sensory experiences – hear voices or have visions or unusual tactile sensations. The innovative method – “Hearing Voices” is based on group work whereby the psychiatric care users have the opportunity, based on equality, to share their experiences and approach their problems – for which they are being discriminated against and often isolated from the rest of society – in a different way. The emphasis is on “decoding” voices so that people with this kind of burdensome experiences would strengthen and so that the quality of their lives would improve.

Social welfare and legal counseling

Users of the Prostor Association have the opportunity to consult with a social worker twice a month, or more often, if necessary.
Counseling with a social worker is a type of service that helps users of psychiatric services overcome various difficulties. The social worker helps users to recognize which services of different systems are specifically applicable to them in accordance with legislative regulations.

English lessons

Knowledge of the English language opens up an endless field of information and content, primarily on internet, which would otherwise not be available. Access to those sources represents a kind of power (above own knowledge), counterbalance the helpless role in which users are often placed psychiatric services. 

Computers lessons

Computer workshops are dedicated to those who want to renew, improve or acquire basic knowledge handling computers. At the meetings, basic commands and guidelines for working on the computer are taught. computer literacy is established and the functions of the Internet are introduced in order to become independent users and facilitating their communication, considering the current working conditions.



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