Knowledge of the English language opens up an endless field of information and content, primarily on internet, which would otherwise not be available. Access to those sources represents a kind of power (above own knowledge), counterbalance the helpless role in which users are often placed psychiatric services. Classes at the Prostor Association are based on the needs and wishes of the specific members who are present class What stood out in the group’s work so far as motivation for learning English is better understanding movies, traveling, talking to tourists in your city and getting around more confidently on the internet. Classes are organized so that they are varied, interspersed with activities that are done in groups or in couples, with the occasional use of different audio-visual content, so that the participants do not grammar overload. They therefore differ from classic language courses, which are attended in order to quickly acquired a higher level of knowledge, but rather a light workshop that adapts to everyone present and one of whose goals is to be pleasant and entertaining.